Personality Tests:

Keirsey Temperament Sorter--Jungian Personality Test
Joe's Love and Compatibility Test
The MindMedia Mindviewer
DISCus Personality Profiler
Lipstick Personality Test
The WWW Purity Test
Birthdate Math Tricks
The Kabbalerian Test
Handwriting Analysis
The Nerd Purity Test
Russian Nerd Test
KarmOMeter Test
The Platinum Rule
The Nerdity Test
Enneagram Test
Sex Purity Tests
Are you insane?
Symbol Test
Shape Test
Nerd Test

Intelligence Tests:

PHD certified IQ test: Compare your Results
Self Discovery Workshop: IQ Test
BrainTainment Wisdom I.Q. Test
Emotional Intelligence Test
10-min Mensa Workout
The European IQ Test
The Mensa Workout
The Comar IQ Tests
THINK fast (TM)
Chimera's IQ test
Financial Aid IQ
Majon's IQ test
IQ Test

Knowledge Tests:

The World War II Test of Strength
World's Smallest Political Quiz
Rocks and Minerals Quiz
Vocabulary Flashcards
Religion and the Bible
The New-Age IQ test
Miscellaneous Trivia
Vocabulary Tests
Daily Star Trek Test
Political Trivia Quiz
Star Constellations
Language Quizzes
Geography Trivia
Political I.Q. Test
Name That Flag
The X Quotient
Weather Trivia
Psych Yourself
Animal Sounds
Trivia Central
History Trivia
Word Origins
U.S. Trivia

Emotional and Mental Health Tests:

Clinical Depression Self-Screening Test
General adult ADD symptom checklist
The Spending Personality Self-Test
The Developmental Checkup Test
Self-Test for Cocaine Addiction
Alcohol dependence diagnosis
Do You Have a Bad Temper?
Self-scoring alcohol check-up
Attention Deficit Test (ADD)
What is your stress index?
Stress Indicator Tests
Are You Depressed?
Are You Depressed?
The Adrenaline Test
Stress Management
Do you have ADD?
Are you anxious?
Job Burnout Test
Workaholic Test
Stress Test
Love Test

Having Fun With Your Brain:

Mensa Workout: Brain exercises
10-min Mensa Workout
Puzzle of the month
Mind Games

College Admission Exam Preparation Tests:

Vegas-StyleAnalogy & Sentence Completion Games
English as a Second Language
SAT Vocabulary Flash Cards
GRE Vocab-U-Link
Online SAT Course
EPrep for the GRE
College Simulator

Psychology Tests:

Animal Behavior and Cognition
The Human Nervous System
The Senses and Perception
States of Consciousness
Motivation and Emotion
Psychology and Science